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Pokémon GO

Zero to 21 million users

Topping Candy Crush and Clash of Clans, corks were popping at the Nintendo HQ as Pokémon GO officially became the biggest mobile game (by user count) in US history.

Rocketing to the number one position in all the app stores it appeared in was only the start - within days of its release, Pokémon GO had amassed more daily users than Twitter, earning millions of dollars per day for Nintendo.

The previous number one game was Candy Crush Saga, with 20 million daily active users.

Even more amazing is that it has never been featured in either Apples App Store or Googles Play Store.

And it's not over by a long shot - Pokémon GO now has Snapchat and even Google Maps in its sights.

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VR Logo

Daydream believer

Googles cardboard project looked to be the prototype for its future VR platform, in the shape of a generic headset into which compatible Android VR devices are slotted, rather than an Oculus Rift style dedicated device. However, recently there was speculation Google had scrapped a project to create this stand-alone VR headset.

It was even rumored a separate operating system is being designed to power the device. It seems things have moved on in the same direction as was suggested at this years Google I/O, with Daydream and the Android VR spec powering Googles future VR projects.

Word is Google are incredibly busy internally with VR, so the move is also logical given the market dominance on smartphones which Android already enjoys.