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Compare the market: HeyZap mediation service to allow devs to compare multiple ad networks

Posted by admin 6 hours ago News — Mobile ad specialist HeyZap has unveiled a new tool that will allow developers to directly compare multiple ad networks, automatically switching between them to maximise revenue. As billed, HeyZap Mediation will “dynamically test mobile ad networks against each other”. This will enable developers to make more money from multiple networks and - thanks to a visualisation map &ndash Read More
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Death threats and dictatorships: Why 'ban happy' platform holders are good for no-one

Posted by admin 6 hours ago News — Man threatens on Twitter to kill Gabe Newell. Man happens to be a developer with his game on Steam. Man sees his game pulled from Steam as a result. In general, the reaction to Valve's decision to pull Mike Maulbeck's Paranautical Activity from Steam because of the aforementioned 'death threat' against Newell was one of “Well, that was dumb, but I guess he got what was coming to him&rd Read More
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KPIs are important but don't fall into the Ludic Fallacy

Posted by admin 6 hours ago News — Analytics are one of a development team's greatest weapons. What do you need to know about your game? There's a really good chance that if you're logging the right things, you can find out absolutely anything, and with a solid platform behind you and a sufficiently large player base, you can A/B(/C/D...) test to streamline your operation post launch. We can't talk about analytics without bri Read More
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Riccitiello steps up, Playfab bring in Donahue, and Vivid, Next, and Gunjin Games look for new recruits

Posted by admin 6 hours ago News — Welcome to the Jobs Board: our weekly look at the mobile industry's biggest movers, unexpected shakers, and most exciting job opportunities. This is where we'll keep track of any and all job-related happenings, letting you know who's moved where, who's bowed out, and, more importantly, which studios are looking to hire exciting new talent. We currently update the list every F Read More
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A new direction for Unity as Riccitiello replaces Helgason, 12 top funding tips, and whatever happened to tablet gaming?

Posted by admin 6 hours ago News — It doesn't take a genius to realise what the biggest story of this week was, with former EA man John Riccitiello replacing David Helgason as the CEO of Unity whipping the industry into a frenzy. Some people believe the firm is preparing to sell, contributing editor Keith Andrew has suggested it's more likely the company will float, althought the official line from Helgason is Read More
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Phones 4u COO Nick Fisher to advise Dixons Carphone

Posted by admin 1 day 6 hours ago News — Fisher will work on roll out of Carphone Warehouse concessions Read More
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The gender gap: Women click, convert and spend more on mobile ads

Posted by admin 2 days ago News — Studies may suggest male gamers still play more than their female counterparts, but if a new report from app recommendation specialist AppLovin is to be believed, women are more likely to interact with mobile ads than men. On both iOS and Android, women click-through at a greater rate than men, convert at a greater rate than men, and deliver purchases from those ads at a greater rate than me Read More
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The Riccitiello riddle: Does CEO switch signal change in direction for Unity?

Posted by admin 2 days ago News — When Unity's PR contacted us with the news of Riccitiello's appointment as the firm's new CEO , they understandably pitched it as “big news”. It's big not only because it signifies a change in leadership at one of the most influential firms in gaming  – including the stepping back of one of the company's founders – but also because it's not the news anyone was ex Read More
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