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GREE's Andrew Sheppard talks talent acquisition, not user acquisition

Posted by admin 11 hours ago News — "I've lost count of the amount of GDC's I've been to," exhales GREE COO Andrew Sheppard as he stirs his cup of coffee amid the teaming hordes of the 2015 edition. "But mobile market competitveness is only going up, more than in console and PC, thanks to the incredibly short hardware cycles." It's a speed that's forcing developers to accelerate their activity to keep up with the next product Read More
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Oculus' developer relations guru Chris Pruett on converting games for mobile VR

Posted by admin 11 hours ago News — Chris Pruett, the co-founder of Robot Invader, ex-Googler and now the developer relations man at Oculus VR, took to the stage at GDC 2015 with top tips on transporting complex tablet games to mobile VR. He drew from his experiences at Robot Invader designing Dead Secret , a first-person murder mystery game initially designed for the tablet but now rebuilt for virtual reality on the move. The Read More
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Mobile games clean up at 2015 IGF Awards

Posted by admin 11 hours ago News — Mobile games dominated the winners' stage at 2015's Independent Games Festival Awards. Held at GDC in San Francisco, the awards aim to celebrate the best in indie game design. 80 Days was first up and scooped the Excellence in Narrative award. The steampunkish fiction had led the mobile pack with multiple nominations, ultimately receiving recognition for Inkle's unique approach to interactiv Read More
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InMobi Appographic Targeting puts the personal in personalised marketing

Posted by admin 11 hours ago News — Mobile advertising platform InMobi has taken the opportunity of GDC 2015 to unveil Appographic Targeting. It's a new service that allows marketers to target audiences with advertising based on individual interests. While that may sound familiar, InMobi's technology goes beyond basic grouping like "twenty-something females who like RPGs." Instead it leverages insights that look at what indivi Read More
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deltaDNA releases free and unlimited game analytics

Posted by admin 11 hours ago News — deltaDNA, the analytics and personalization platform for games, has just launched deltaDNA GO ; a free, accurate and unlimited analytics licence. Designed to help game developers understand how their game is performing and how players are interacting, GO acts as the ideal entry point into advanced analytics and game personalization. Over 60 dashboards GO is underpinned by the power of deltaD Read More
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MWC: Google to launch MVNO

Posted by admin 1 day 11 hours ago News — Internet giant aims to drive network innovation with launch of US MVNO Read More
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Split into personal and professional editions, Unity 5 is now live

Posted by admin 2 days ago News — With Epic moving Unreal Engine 4 to a 5 percent royalty model, Unity Technologies has reacted to market forces with a bifurcation of its new Unity 5 product. In terms of Unity 5's core, it brings strong new graphics features, an expanded editor featureset in terms of audio, animation and physics, and Unity Cloud Build, which enables you to increase productivity with a distributed build syste Read More
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A rebranded Storm8 announces 1 billion downloads

Posted by admin 2 days ago News — When we last spoke to Storm8 CEO Perry Tam, he was enthusing  about the success of the company's focus on its network, rather than individual games. And now we can put a number on that success as the company has announced its games - more than 45 are live - have been downloaded over 1 billion times. This have generated more than 2 billion hours of gameplay and 76 billion game sessions. Read More
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