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Pillars Media pushes forward with publishing outreach

Posted by admin 1 day 10 hours ago News — Pillars Media Group has recently announced signing of a number of key new partnerships with notable game developers worldwide to secure top quality content for its product lineup in the coming months. The list already includes names like Playrix, Visual Shape, Stella Games, Magicindie Softworks, FuzzyBug Interactive, Ironcode Gaming, Joybits but Pillars Media is not willing to stop there. Th Read More
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Join us for Pocket Gamer Connects: London 2015 from 13 January

Posted by admin 1 day 10 hours ago News — This week is London Week  on - a week long look at the brightest and best of the UK capital’s games dev scene - so we couldn’t think of a better time to share the news about the latest of our Pocket Gamer Connects events which will be returning to this awesome global city. As with our first PGC event (which also took place in London at the start of 2014 ), th Read More
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Curve Studios: You can make capital gains without actually living in London

Posted by admin 1 day 10 hours ago News — This is the third part of our week long look at the London games development scene . Not far from Mind Candy's Shoreditch office lies the home of one of what is for many one of London's 'coolest' games publishers. Curve Studios is a champion of indie games set up to aid beloved titles from small studios to find a place on new platforms, reaching more gamers and finding a more mainstream audi Read More
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The honeymoon is over: $700 million Nokia loss causes Microsoft profits to fall 7%

Posted by admin 1 day 10 hours ago News — Microsoft's ( NASDAQ:MSFT )  $7 billion acquisition of Nokia's Devices & Services division  continues to drain money away from the Redmond giant, with profits falling 7 percent in the company's latest quarter thanks to losses at the Finnish firm. Nokia lost $692 million in Microsoft's second quarter of 2014, shifting 5.8 million smartphones worldwide in the process. Though Micr Read More
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Mind the gap: Why London is streets ahead of the rest of the UK for mobile devs

Posted by admin 3 days ago News — The UK's capital is thriving. For some, that's a blessing – a sign that the British economy is, whatever your politics, recovering. For others, it's a sign of the continued disjointed nature of doing business in the UK. London has always attracted more investment, created more jobs and been home to more consumers than any other city in the British Isles. It's a gap that's just as preva Read More
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Amazing maze: Monument Valley tops 1 million downloads

Posted by admin 3 days ago News — Monument Valley , the incomparably beautiful premium puzzler from developer ustwo, has broken the 1 million download milestone roughly three months after launch. After starting out on iOS for both iPhone and iPad, the game quickly made the leap to Android, although the majority of downloads still came from the App Store due to Google Play's tendency to suffocate premium titles. "That’s Read More
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8 pieces of advice advertising genius David Ogilvy would give F2P marketeers

Posted by admin 3 days ago News — If you haven’t read David Ogilvy’s Confessions of an Advertising Man ,  I suggest you stop reading right now and order a copy. Although first published in 1963, and only properly covering print advertising (TV adverts are mentioned almost in passing), it’s a tour de force, whether laying out the tenets of how the advertising industry should work or just how to practise Read More
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Less is more: Oceanhorn's success was a product of "clear focus", says Heikki Repo

Posted by admin 3 days ago News — You probably all recognise Oceanhorn , the action RPG from developer Cornfox & Bros., because of its striking visuals, memorable gameplay, and the similarities it shares with a little game called The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. When Oceanhorn was unveiled to the public, comparisons between the two titles came thick and fast, with some even going so far as to brand the game a Zelda c Read More
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