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Pokémon GO dev Niantic Labs highlights power of location-based games as Ingress First Saturdays hits 100 cities

Posted by admin 19 days ago News — Niantic Labs, the San Francisco-based developer behind the upcoming Pokémon GO , have announced its Ingress First Saturday event, to take place on November 7th. The event, which will take place in over 100 cities across the world and held once a month from November 7 onwards, is designed for first time players of ARG Ingress . It will allow them to meet up with fellow players, play to Read More
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At 27% market share, game developers are already the #1 advertisers on Instagram

Posted by admin 19 days ago News — Wes McCabe is Product Marketing Manager at SensorTower.  With a community of more than 400 million users, Instagram enables advertisers to reach an absolutely monumental mobile audience. Major brands like Levi's, Taco Bell, and PayPal have been using the Instagram Ad Network for the past couple of years. But only recently did the photo-sharing giant open the platform to all adverti Read More
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Why you need to spend $100,000 to prove your F2P games works

Posted by admin 19 days ago News — Torulf Jernström is CEO of Finnish developer Tribeflame. His blog is Pocket Philosopher . LifeTime Value is larger than Cost Per Install. LTV > CPI That's the golden formula for making money. But to prove your game can perform this, you will need a minimum of $100,000. Here's why. The setting Let's start with the LTV part. Measuring your life time value is a not trivial. Here's a sho Read More
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DCMS TalkTalk hack inquiry will address ‘serious issues’

Posted by admin 19 days ago News — Governmental body is gathering views on TalkTalk’s response to the cyber-attack Read More
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Apple opens up submissions to its tvOS App Store for Apple TV

Posted by admin 30 days ago News — Apple has started accepting submissions for its tvOS App Store, the OS used by its soon to be launched Apple TV. The company has also posted guidelines for developers on how to get their apps and games ready for release on the OS, including how to make it work with the motion-controlled remote. Universal appeal While a week isn't a particularly long time to get apps ready, the guidelines rev Read More
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Doubloon shortage: The monetisation of Minions Paradise

Posted by admin 30 days ago News — Welcome back to the In-App Purchase Inspector  - our regular look at free-to-play games from the consumer's perspective. In each instalment, we consider the incentives or pressure applied to make in-app purchases, their perceived value, the expansion offered by IAPs and the overall value of the experience. The end goal is to see whether the game makes a good enough case for us to part w Read More
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Video: Wooga, GREE, Spil, Roadhouse and Playphone discuss publishing power

Posted by admin 30 days ago News — George Osborn led a group of publishers in a panel at Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2015 looking at the problems of publishing in the mobile gaming industry. Joining him were Nick Malaperiman , President of Publishing at Roadhouse Interactive; Tung Nguyen-Khac , CEO of Spil Games; Sebastian Kriese , Head of Partnerships at Wooga; Bhaskar Roy , Chief Product Officer of PlayPhone; and Sh Read More
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How Game Hive's Tap Titans leverages rewarded video

Posted by admin 30 days ago News — Terry Koh is the Marketing Manager at Supersonic , the mobile monetization and user acquisition platform of choice for the app economy.   Since the introduction of IAPs, publishers have created games with surprising depth and content - bolstering revenue through microtransactions in place of the all-too-familiar 99 cent price tag. But the sobering reality is that only 1.5 percent of mob Read More
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