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Unwind at Nordic Game Conference with the Pocket Gamer DrinkUp on May 18

Posted by admin 15 hours ago News — If you're heading out to the Nordic Game Conference in Malmo on May 18-20, you might be wondering what there is to do on the first night that you're there. Well, we'd love it if you came to our Pocket Gamer Nordic Game DrinkUp , kindly sponsored by Jagex and NaturalMotion, on May 18 at the HIPP Restaurant & Bar. Chill out Kicking off at 6pm, it's the perfect way to unwind after a long co Read More
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Nintendo mobile games #2 and #3 will be Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem

Posted by admin 15 hours ago News — The wait for Mario continues, but Nintendo has announced that its second and third mobile games it's making with help from DeNA will be versions of popular console franchises Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem . Both games are due later in 2016. Fire Emblem is the most straightforward F2P experience (or even Free-to-Start ) to imagine, it being a tactical RPG of the sort that has been top gross Read More
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Dastan Games' The Light Inside Us wins Bloggers' Choice Award at PGC Bangalore 2016

Posted by admin 15 hours ago News — This year in Bangalore, a very special meet was arranged for those who made the final stage of not only the Very Big Indie Pitch , but Reliance Games’ GameHack competition too. That meet saw all of the finalists get to sit down with some of Bangalore’s leading bloggers, in a meet up that was initiated to encourage even greater ties between India’s fast growing indie develop Read More
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Indian mobile game devs have unique creativity, but are they ready for the global market?

Posted by admin 15 hours ago News — Having just returned from 2016’s Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore  conference, one thing is clear - there’s an awful lot of talent within India’s ever-growing indie development community. This was especially true of those developers who presented as a part of this year’s Very Big Indie Pitch . In fact it wasn’t just me who was impressed. The entire expert ju Read More
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Montreal International Game Summit 2016 call for speakers ends 30 May

Posted by admin 15 hours ago News — The Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) has announced its 2016 event will be happening 13-15 November at Palais des congrès de Montréal. With an attendance of over 2,500, MIGS brings together some of the best local and worldwide experts to share their knowledge and experience. MIGS15 speakers included Ian Livingston, and Jade Raymond and Amy Hennig of EA who are working o Read More
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People will be surprised by our second game, says Nordeus CEO Branko Milutinovic

Posted by admin 15 hours ago News — To kick off the second day of Reboot Develop 2016, Reboot MD Damir Durovic is hosting a discussion wth Nordeus CEO Branko Milutinovic . Nordeus is at an interesting point in its life right now, as it hires top talent across its worldwide studios and looks to diversify from its one big game: Top Eleven . "It's basically the only fuel we've got, which is not so great. What is good is that it's Read More
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Apple sales fall for the first time as iPhone takes a hit

Posted by admin 15 hours ago News — Apple’s Q2 results mark the first time the brand’s revenues have fallen Read More
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MIA 2016: Network competition hots up

Posted by admin 15 hours ago News — More categories revealed for awards including distributor and dealer awards Read More
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How adding guilds plays into longterm retention for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Posted by admin 2 days ago News — Given its late November 2015 launch, timed alongside film series reboot  The Force Awakens , it wasn't a surprise that Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes  didn't arrive with all the game features you'd expect. No matter. The game has performed very strongly in its opening months , being a regular in the top grossing top 20 on the Apple App Store and Google Play, although its position has Read More
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The cost of bad UX: why Star Wars: Commander hasn't reached Supercell-level success

Posted by admin 2 days ago News — Graham McAllister , CEO at independent user research firm Player Research, begins his talk at Reboot Develop 2016 by explaining his role in the industry. User research, after all, is nowhere near as established as a discipline within gaming as it is in other consumer-facing tech industries - a fact that clearly baffles McAllister, as he considers the need for it to be just as great. Going in Read More
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S7 success sees Samsung’s sales soar

Posted by admin 2 days ago News — The South Korean manufacturer announced strong mobile growth a day after Apple’s revenues took a hit Read More
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