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Taking the plunge: From work-for-hire to making your own games

Posted by admin 1 day 21 hours ago News — For some, the prospect of work-for-hire can seem bleak, offering much less reward than own IP. But while making games for other people does not come with the potential pots of gold that a bestselling own IP title does, it does provide steady employment for a lot of UK studios and can prepare you for future own IP projects. For myself and fellow graduate Martin Darby setting up Remode Studios Read More
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Going far together: The making of Kiwanuka

Posted by admin 1 day 21 hours ago News — CMA Megacorp's striking, unique, and truly bizarre puzzler, Kiwanuka , is perhaps one of the most intriguing titles the App Store has to offer of late. The game is an amalgamation of bold visuals, focused gameplay, and psychadelic, but decidedly touching audio, with CMA somehow bringing together concepts that could, and perhaps should, have been jarring, and instead using them to create a ti Read More
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Indies fall out of love with iOS, Nokia losses leave Microsoft in limbo, and we look at life for devs in London

Posted by admin 1 day 21 hours ago News — Just when you think the games industry couldn't get more interesting, another truckload of news comes along and blows that theory right out of the water.  This week free-to-pay gaming was once again the talk of the town, with some suggesting that the negative attidute towards the model is forcing developers away from mobile, while Apple was forced to defend its free-to-play regulatiions Read More
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Microsoft’s quarterly profit down 7% on Nokia losses

Posted by admin 1 day 21 hours ago News — Sold 36.1m handsets during the period Read More
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LG profits jump 165% in its second quarter

Posted by admin 1 day 21 hours ago News — Strong quarterly results reflect turnaround of mobile business Read More
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What's the story? How to adapt your game to suit your players' taste

Posted by admin 3 days ago News — Creating entertainment in general is a pretty thorny issue. How can you appeal to everyone when taste varies so much? The traditional way to make entertainment is to try our best to find a solution that either matches with our other choices or that we think will appeal to the broadest audience -niche or blockbuster. We accept that our niche products won’t appeal to everyone, but they w Read More
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Capital from the capital: UK investment is centred around London, says Andrew Smith

Posted by admin 3 days ago News — This is the fourth part of our week long look at the London games development scene . Like Curve Studios , AppyNation pitches itself as a London games publisher with a difference, working to bring independent games to as large an audience as possible without looking to take control of IP. Unlike Curve, however, this Farringdon based firm has been solely focused on mobile platforms and it is Read More
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Another Big Indie Pitch winner gets the spotlight after Casual Connect

Posted by admin 3 days ago News — Casual Connect USA 2014 in San Francisco has proven to be as rife with game development talent as always, and we were priveleged to get our hands on some of the hottest up-and-coming titles in the smartphone and tablet markets at our Big Indie Pitch. The speed-dating showcase was brought to Casual Connect by Samsung, and congratulation go out to Rocket 5 Studios for taking a well-earned firs Read More
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