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Northern soul: How one conference is looking to recharge games dev in the UK's North West

Posted by admin 20 hours ago News — It's a feeling that isn't limited to the games industry, but one that certainly has an impact upon it: There's London and the South East, and then there's the rest of the UK. While the likes of Manchester and, until very recently, Liverpool, have previously served as bastions of British games development, their place on the current stage is definitely more muted. It's not that the developers Read More
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Pocket Gamer Connects: Announcing our Helsinki schedule

Posted by admin 20 hours ago News — As you're no doubt well aware, Pocket Gamer Connects  is set to hit Helsinki on the 16-17 June - that's in less than two months time. So, aside from spinning our events team into a blind panic, our prime task right now is educating you, the potential attendee, as to just what we have planned for our mobile gaming jamboree. If you're already signed up for our splash in Helsinki's Ol Read More
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Candy Crush ‘tops out’ as the industry once again focuses on core gamers

Posted by admin 20 hours ago News — SuperData’s March 2014 digital games market update shows slowing growth for Candy Crush and a rising focus on ‘core’ gamers from the industry. Yet, as the old truism goes, correlation does not imply causation. The focus on the core gamer in the digital market comes largely from PC and console titles like Titanfall or Heroes of the Storm , but SuperData also included Blizzar Read More
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Unity acquires player engagement platform Playnomics

Posted by admin 20 hours ago News — Following the purchase of Everyplay creator Applifier just before GDC , Unity has taken to its blog to announce yet another acquisition, this time in the form of Playnomics. The company compiles player analytics to determine both why and how users take on games in the way they do, with developers able to utilise that data to increase engagement with their audience. According to Unity CEO Dav Read More
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CandySwipe and Banner Saga trademark disputes resolved with King

Posted by admin 20 hours ago News — Two high-profile trademark disputes with King over the words “Candy” and “Saga” have reportedly been resolved. Both disputes came from earlier this year, a time when King came under fire for asserting its trademark on a pair of common words. The ensuing storm of negative press eventually led King to withdraw its trademark application for "candy" in the US - but not in Read More
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Windows Phone wants ‘fans’ to grow brand

Posted by admin 20 hours ago News — UK director Martine: ‘Consumer and business operations both ? nally up to par to chase share’ Read More
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EE reveals location for new customer service centre

Posted by admin 20 hours ago News — Move part of recruitment drive to bring 1,000 customer service jobs back to the UK Read More
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Computers are gay: Scott Foe on why the industry owes a debt to homosexuals

Posted by admin 2 days ago News — In response to our recent editorial on the lack of representation of gay people in games , chief product officer at triple-A mobile developer Unspoken Tales and long time friend of the site Scott Foe offered to give his take on the issue. And here it is. I. A-Severity Bug: The Hedgehog says, 'skank' Every time I opened an issue-report, my heart stopped. All of our publishing quality assuranc Read More
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