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Free Global Trends Report available to download now

Posted by admin 20 hours ago News — Attendees of the second Pocket Gamer Connects event, which took place in Helsinkin in June 2014, got an extra leg up in the games world. Not only because they came along to the big show, but because we included access to over $600-worth of reports on the global mobile games industry as part of their attendance. But it's time to spread the good word a little further, so Pocket Gamer has Read More
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Getting paid to play: TinyLoot on shaking up the UA status quo

Posted by admin 20 hours ago News — New kid on the block TinyLoot is attempting to reshape the world of user acquisition  by paying consumers to keep playing and spending. That's right, TinyLoot wants to help developers hand their customers money so that they'll spend more time, and hopefully cash, in their free-to-play titles. It might seem like hard sell at first - after all, you have to imagine that convincing develope Read More
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Ex-Rovio, Remedy, Guerrilla, and Digital Chocolate devs form Helsinki GameWorks

Posted by admin 20 hours ago News — A band of Finnish game development veterans have joined forces to launch new studio, Helsinki GameWorks. The new firm's 11 strong team consists of senior figures and gaming moguls from all corners of the nordic games industry, with members heralding from big-name companies such as Rovio, Remedy, Digital Chocolate, and Guerrilla Games. The new studio will focus on accessible mid-core games, a Read More
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Another bolt from the blue: Can Swing Copters repeat Flappy Bird's success?

Posted by admin 20 hours ago News — Dong Nguyen's   Flappy Bird   arrived on the scene with all of the force, finnesse, and longevity, of a hurricane. The game became King of the App Store overnight, and for weeks it became impossible to catch a bus, sit in a lecture, or buy a coffee without seeing someone furiously tapping away, trying to set a new high score. Flappy Bird   was popular, but it was also dam Read More
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Creative England launches £250,000 GameLab accelerator programme in association with PlayStation

Posted by admin 20 hours ago News — Creative England has announced the launch of GameLab Campus, a new incubator and accelerator programme that's running in association with PlayStation. The programme will invest a maximum of £250,000 ($410,000) into English development studios, which could potentially receive £50,000 ($80,000) each, in order to support the development of innovative 'entertainment experiences' on P Read More
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GfK: Accessories purchases up in weak July

Posted by admin 1 day 20 hours ago News — Figures show drop in telecommunications market value Read More
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O2: First year of 4G take up double 3G's

Posted by admin 3 days ago News — The network’s uptake of 4G is more than twice the number compared with 3G’s first year Read More
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Vodafone extends 4G to PAYG

Posted by admin 3 days ago News — Network celebrate anniversary by offering PAYG customers 4G Read More
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